White Multi Purpose Waterproof Fence Gutter Roof Hanging Solar LED Light w Clamp


Shine a light on hard to see areas with these multi purpose lights.

Attach your new lighting unit with ease to gutters, fences and other convenient areas around your house. These lighting systems are the perfect fit for green thumbs, offering illuminated gardening in low-light. They offer an easy to install lighting solution for entertaining while operating off an entirely natural resource - the Sun!

Each LED light will offer an extraordinary 100,000 hours of radiance.

White, 3 pcs, 1 watt
Run time 100,000 hours
Accessories 1 small screw, 1 thumb screw,
1 mounting bracket
Product dimensions 11.5 cm x 6 cm
Mount under roof, gutter, fence or house

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19 January 2018

Great deal saves the environment.

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28 September 2020

Useful little solar light to brighten up your walk way at night time, easy to install with just a clip on the gutter or fence and huge bonus it's so affordable; thank you Catch of the Day!!

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27 September 2018

Great little lights, not super bright but do the job!

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03 January 2018

well done ...

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15 November 2020

Brilliant very bright

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