Re Facial LED & VIB Derma Roller


The Re Facial LED & VIB Derma Roller is designed to combine beauty treatments, recognised for visible improvement of various skin conditions. Micro needling stimulates collagen production and increases penetration rate of skin care products by creating microscopic channels in your skin. Vibration controls the wavelength of light and needles insertion to enhance active ingredients absorption and faster skin cells regeneration. Derma rolling with LED and vibration treatment supports improving skin colour and texture for younger and healthier looking skin! 


  • Re beauty appliances
  • Model: Facial LED & VIB Derma Roller
  • Interchangeable micro-needle roller head
  • 540 needles
  • Needle length 0.5mm
  • Needles made from stainless steel - durable and hygienic
  • LED lights with 5 options: mixed, red, blue, green, yellow
  • Vibration function
  • Power: Battery 6V, USB cord
  • Model no.: LVDR540
  • Colour: Purple 
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 14 (L)