Perfect Coat Hypoallergenic Dog Conditioner 473mL

Keep your pup feeling clean and fresh! The Hypoallergenic Dog Conditioner is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. This thick conditioning formula contains aloe vera and other moisturisers to provide shine and luster, with no dyes or perfumes to irritate or aggravate allergies. The Easy Rinse formula washes away dirt and build up without striping the hair of essential oils.


  • Perfect Coat Hypoallergenic Dog Conditioner 473mL
  • Fragrance: Fragrance free
  • Specially formulated for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Mild formula will prevent any irritation
  • High quality gentle ingredients cleanse and condition your pup's fur for a clean and fresh coat
  • No harsh dyes or fragrances
  • Easy Rinse formula prevents shampoo solids from settling during lather while also easily rinsing away to speed up bath time
  • Country of origin: USA