Panache 360 Degree Split Bucket Spin Mop

A smart cleaning system that separates clean water from dirty water, the Split Bucket Mop also comes with TWO bonus mop heads! Easily collapses and stacks for storage, it makes mopping effortless for your tile, wood, marble floors and more!


  • Panache Split Bucket Mop
  • Colour: Green/White
  • Pack contents:
    • 1 x clever spin-mopping system
    • 1 x stainless steel spinning strainer
    • 1 x floor-wiping rod 
    • 2 x bonus mop heads
    • Bonus soap dispenser
  • Split and stack for easy storage
  • Great for tile floors, wooden floors, marble floors and more!
  • Separates clean water from dirty water
  • Collapses and stacks for easy storage
  • Bonus soap dispenser
  • Easy water outlet for quick and easy release of water after use
  • Streak-free wet cleaning with maximum suction power
  • No tedious bending - easy on your back and joints
  • No tedious wrining - not more wet hands
  • Turbo spin dry
  • Mop length (approx): 125cm
  • Materials: Plastic/stainless steel/microfibre
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06 June 2016

I am very happy with the quality of the Panache Split Bucket Mop. The spin basket is great and it gets all the water out just leaving me with a damp mop, just how I like it. I am also very happy with the price compared to others out there on the market.

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06 June 2016

Very happy with the mop and bucket , even better 2 days after it arrived saw same thing in a shop for $15 more .

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19 August 2017

Love having 2 separate buckets, one for clean water and one for dirty, The spin mops are easy to use and wring out perfectly...simply the best.

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12 February 2017

Upgraded from old fasioned foot leaver bucket with heavy wooden mop to this....It's like I'm in "Back to The Future" My lower back and hips are very appreciative :)

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03 July 2018


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