No-H₂O Bicycle Wash In A Box

No need to step out with the hose every time you need to wash your bicycle, the No-H₂O waterless wash and polish is the way to go! This unique "dry cleaning" kit for bikes include everything you need to give your ride a super polished finish with no use of water. Simply spray, wipe and buff with the included non-acidic and biodegradable formulas to emulsify even the toughest of dirt, grime and grease particles. The kit also includes 4 high quality microfibre cloths with different uses to capture dirt and leave surfaces looking as new. Best of all, you're being kind to the environment saving up to 240L of fresh water over 12 washes!


  • H₂O Bicycle Wash In A Box
  • Pack contents:
    • 1 x Waterless Bicycle Wash & Polish 500mL
    • 1 x Bicycle Muptipurpose Kleen 500mL
    • 2 x Green microfibre cloths
    • 1 x Yellow polishing microfibre cloth
    • 1 x White clocks & screen microfibre cloth
  • Unique treatment to wash and polish your bicycle without water
  • Washes and polishes in a simple process
  • Can be used on all surfaces; paintwork, windows, plastic, leather, etc.
  • Wheel Kleen can be used on stubborn interior and exterior dirt
  • Non-acidic and biodegradable formula
  • Portable and can be used anywhere, indoors and out
  • Saves the environment 20L of fresh water per wash
  • Colour-coded microfibre cloths for different uses
  • High quality 300gsm microfibre cloths are machine washable (up to 500 washes)
  • Country of origin: Ireland