MiLuxy Ionic Eye Massager

How does the MiLuxy Eye Massager work? Simply hold one end of the MiLuxy Eye Massager and touch your skin on the other end! You will be surprised by the automatic ionic vibration, that enables nutrients to penetrate deep into your skin. Sooth wrinkles and puffy eyes while firming your skin and feeling relaxed all in one go with this portable eye massager. 


  • MiLuxy appliances
  • Model: Ionic Eye Massager
  • Pack contents:
    • The MiLuxy Eye Massager
    • Quick start guide
    • Warranty card
  • Colour: Silver/Pink
  • Model no.: MA100
  • Automatic ionic vibrations to optimise cream absorption
  • Soothing wrinkles and puffy tired eyes, any time
  • Quick relaxation of tired eyes
  • Ionic nourishment
  • Firming and relaxation
  • Portable design
  • Convenient built-in spatula 
  • Battery: 1 x AAA 
  • Weight: 20g
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 2 x 1.8 x 13.5
  • Country of origin: Korea
  • MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY - see warranty card for details