Hasbro Taboo Card Game

Taboo - the game of unspeakable fun! A word-guessing game where all the obvious clues are taboo! Try and get your team to guess 'Brain Freeze' without using Ice Cream, Headache, Eating, Cold or Fast! Race against the clock in this fun filled guessing game.


  • Hasbro games
  • Design: Taboo Card Game
  • Pack contents:
    • 162 cards
    • Squeaker
    • Sand timer
    • Score pad
    • Game-changer die
    • Game guide
  • The game of unspeakable fun
  • Great word guessing game 
  • Race against the clock to guess the word
  • Assembly: None
  • Ideal for 4 or more players
  • Recommended for ages 13+ years
  • Country of origin: N/A