Expandable 7.5m Metallic Power Hose

The lightweight hose that lasts a lifetime! Automatically expanding and contracting, this metallic hose expands up to 60% its length (up to 7.5m) and never kinks or tangles, ensuring a durable, easy hosing. Its Spiro Shield outer shell is UV, water and puncture resistant, whilst boasting a lightweight construction for effortless handling.


  • Gardening accessories
  • Design: Expandable Metallic Power Hose
  • Colour: Silver
  • Expands up to 60% its length with water flow
  • Automatically expands and contracts
  • Weather-proof and puncture resistant
  • Spiro Shield technology construction for durability; expandable rubber hose inside
  • No kinks or tangles
  • Can withholds high water pressure without bursting
  • Coils perfectly
  • Rust free, dog chew free
  • Perfect for gardening, hosing down driveways, washing cars, etc.
  • Materials: Steel
  • Dimensions (approx.): ~7.5m / 25ft