60 x Green Barista Strong Nespresso Compatible Compostable Coffee Capsules 56g

Enjoy the full flavour of café-quality coffee while being kind to the planet with Green Barista. Inspired by a fusion of flavours from around the world, this bold blend features hints of dark chocolate, with biodegradable and compostable pods for your peace of mind.


  • Green Barista Strong Coffee Capsules
  • Pack contents: 60 x 56g
  • Intensity level: 10/12
  • Medium to dark body with notes of dark chocolate
  • Arabica and robusta beans from Mexico, India, Colombia and Nicaragua
  • Nespresso compatible
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Fairtrade Certified and Organic Certified
  • Roasted in Australia
  • Best Before: 26/05/2021