Emergency First Aid Kit 210-Piece

The ultimate first aid kit

We've all been there during those weekend-long hikes, Sunday league sports, summer beach days or skate sessions with friends when you might take a tumble or worse and the appropriate treatment is well over a drive down the road away.

Thankfully, this extensive emergency first aid kit has all the supplies you need to treat minor injuries from a sprained ankle and minor burn to a more serious situation requiring immediate attention - so unless you find yourself stuck in a 127-Hours scenario, this first aid kit is at the ready no matter where you are. 

Compact & lightweight

Despite carrying over 50 bandages, heaps of gauze pads, scissors, alcohol wipes, gloves, safety pins, cotton tips, a cold pack and even an emergency blanket, this seriously lightweight first aid kit is less than 30 centimetres wide! 

It's perfect for stowing away as a car first aid kit, using around the campsite, in the workplace, at home or in the club rooms."


  • Sonnenberg 210 Piece Emergency First Aid Kit
  • Kit includes:
    • 1 x First Aid user Guide
    • 2 x Roll Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster (1.25cm x 5m)
    • 40 x Adhesive Bandage (1.9 x 7.2cm)
    • 10 x Adhesive Bandage (1 x 4cm)
    • 30 x Cotton Tipped Applicator (Length: 7.62cm, 10pcs/packet)
    • 10 x Sterile Gauze Pad (5 x 5cm, 2pcs/pkt)
    • 10 x Sterile Gauze Pad (7.5 x 7.5cm, 2pcs/pkt)
    • 6 x Sterile Gauze Pad (10 x 10cm, 2 pcs/pkt)
    • 4 x PVC Gloves (Size: L, 2pcs (1 pair) / pkt)
    • 20 x Sterile Absorbent Cotton (0.5 gram/pcs, 10 pcs/pkt)
    • 30 x Alcohol Prep Pad (3 x 6cm)
    • 10 x Cleansing Wipe (12 x 20cm)
    • 2 x Sterile Eye Pack (8 x 6cm)
    • 10 x Roll Gauze Bandage (5cm x 2.5m)
    • 4 x Roll Stretch Bandage (5 x 4m, stretched)
    • 2 x Roll Stretch Bandage (7.5cm x 4m, stretched)
    • 1 x scissors (15cm)
    • 1 x Plastic Tweezers (12.5cm)
    • 2 x Triangular Bandage (96 x 96 x 137cm, cotton)
    • 12 x Safety Pins
    • 1 x Emergency Blanket (130 x 210cm, silver)
    • 1 x Instant Cold Pack (100g)
    • 1 x Mouth to Mouth Breath Mask (20 x 20cm, with one-way valve)
  • Bag dimensions, closed (approx. cm): 25 (W) x 18 (L) x 7 (D)
  • ARTG No: 197101


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19 February 2016

Great price for peace of mind in your car

14 July 2016

Great value very happy

10 June 2016

This will be perfect for our plans to road-trip around exploring in our newly-purchased work-in-progress epic campervan! Being unco, I'm most likely to be the primary user of this product, & it appears to have everything that I could possibly need.

18 March 2019

Great little kit for our caravan. Lightweight and plenty of supplies. The only other inclusions would be sharp tweezers for splinters (the plastic ones in the kit don't cut it) and antiseptic cream/gel.

12 May 2016

Necessary requirement at an affordable cost