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Kids' Ride Ons

Give Your Kids a Taste of Adventure with their Very Own Ride On Moped! These Mini Wheels are Strong, Sturdy and Safe, and Reach Speeds Up to 3km/h. Available in Three Great Colours! Only $49 (Valued at $129.95)

You can confidently crown yourself the "coolest parent ever" after letting your little one get behind the wheel of their very own ride-on moped.

Made from a durable plastic and sturdy steel frame, these ride ons can handle playful wear and tear. Capable of reaching speeds up to 3km an hour, your child will feel like they're flying down on the Autobahn while you feel safe as you let them play.

Ideal for children aged two to six, these mini mopeds can hold up to 25kg.

Available in three great colours including red, blue and black.

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