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FY550 Quad Chopper Drone

Enjoy Photography from a New Perspective with this FY550 Quad Chopper Drone! This Drone Features a 2MP Camera, Remote Control Operation, 360 Degree Somersault Function and a Rechargeable Battery. Only $79.95 (Valued at $199)

Take your photography and videography to new heights with this FY550 Quad Chopper drone

This lightweight, remote-controlled drone features four blades and a six-axis gyroscopic system for movement and stability, and high elasticity for solid damage resistance for 'bumpier' landings

The remote control allows you to adjust the flight and trajectory in six different axis' and manipulate the drone from up to 100 metres away, including operating the incredible 360 degree somersault function

Also features an impressive 2MP camera with a 2GB memory card, so you can take amazing pictures and videos from a totally new perspective

Your chopper is powered by a rechargeable lithium-iron battery pack, which requires approximately 90 minutes to work its magic before you can get your drone back in the air for up to eight minutes

Upgrade: For just $94.95, receive the drone and an extra battery for extended flying

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