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A kitchen tool that’s often being taken for granted is a grater. Be it a handheld, box or tower grater, it’s not something you think about often when it’s stored in your utensil drawer. A grater is useful to grate potatoes to make hash browns or transform carrots into carrot cake or coleslaw. A grater can also be used to zest citrus fruits! Make no mistake, a grater is one of the many essential kitchen tools. That’s why we’re offering the greatest deals on graters online at Catch! Whether you prefer a handheld or box grater, we’ve got it all under one roof. We offer popular brands such as Kitchenaid, Scanpan, Bialetti and more for less. It’s a sale you don’t wanna miss! Check out our massive selection of graters online today!

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If you’re a cheese lover but don’t have a rotary cheese grater, you’re missing out! Any chef would agree that a rotary cheese grater is an absolute essential in your kitchen. When it comes to grated cheese, grated Parmesan or cheddar can easily be found at your local grocery store. But what if you want other options? That’s where the rotary cheese grater comes in handy! With one of these bad boys, you can easily grate your favourite cheeses like Red Leicester, Mozzarella, Cheshire and more. Unlike the traditional box graters, a rotary cheese grater feature a drum blade inside which can be turned you crank the handle attached to the grater. The grated cheese will come out smooth as ever! If that has convinced you to buy a rotary cheese grater, you’re in luck! Here at Catch, there are a number of rotary cheese graters available at unbeatable prices. Have a browse and take your pick. Don’t miss out on a Screamin’ Good Deal!