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Wiltshire: committed to quality since 1938

From high quality knives to modern cookware and kitchen tabletop items, Wiltshire has been leading the way in the culinary world since 1938. Creating nothing but the best in knives and cutting boards, cookwares, baking products and more, the Wiltshire brand is synonymous with exceptional quality and a lifetime of commitment to making nothing short of the best tools for home cooks and professionals alike. Check out a massive range of kitchenware and more, right here at Catch!

Exceptional knives for a variety of ingredients

Wiltshire Trinity knives come with a 10 year guarantee and a variety of shapes and sizes for total practicality. These knives are best housed in Wiltshire’s Knife Block Sets, either in a sleek black or a natural wood finish, fitting the decor of any modern kitchen with subtle style.

Bring some spice to the table this season!

The Wiltshire Soft Touch Salt & Pepper Set in a stylish red colour is the perfect set to bring some modern flair to the dinner table. This unique set features a one-touch button and light feature for easy automatic grinding. This set makes the perfect gift for home cooks this holiday season. And speaking of great gifts, the Bar-B Carry-All Apron is the perfect barbecue master’s go-to apron for outdoor cooking.

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Check out all your favourite big brands for less and grab your go-to kitchen supplies at prices you won’t find elsewhere! Here at Catch, we’ve stocked up on your cooking essentials and culinary gadgets, so you can make some magic in the kitchen this season. Welcome to great savings at Catch!