Goats Milk Body Wash by Velvet - SAVE TODAY!

Velvet Goat's Milk Body Wash contains honey extract and is enriched with proteins and vitamins to help hydrate and nourish dry skin. It’s long lasting, velvety feel keeps your skin healthy and hydrated. Spoil yourself and your skin with this multivitamin complex with ceramic technology with 2 active ingredients that protect the skin. Goats milk is a great source of protein that works wonders with the skin. The Velvet Lanolin Softening Beauty Bar is perfect to soften skin containing lanolin oil to help skin retain its natural moisture. This soap by Velvet will have your friends jealous of your baby-like skin. Grab yourself a deal today when you shop online with us at Catch!

We’ve got Velvet soap for sensitive skin at BARGAIN prices!

Velvet Sorbolene Hand wash For Sensitive Skin is formulated for those with skin that needs that extra care. It’s gentle hand wash is perfect on your skin and it’s soap free, Ph balanced and suited for everyday use. When your skin is sensitive, it’s hard to find a hand wash that won’t dry you out or leave you red. Velvet have created a perfect formula that works wonders with skin that needs a gentle touch. Velvet soaps make products for all skin types, save yourself the hassle and shop online for the best prices right here at the #1 Australian online superstore - Catch!