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TP-Link: Keeping you connected

Since 1996, TP-Link has been at the forefront of enabling internet users everywhere to make the most of their day to day. A proven track record of performance and great value for money makes TP-Link the brand of choice for happy customers worldwide. TP-Link is consistently ranked as the No.1 provider of WLAN and broadband CPE devices, supplying to more than 120 countries and hundreds of millions of customers around the world. As the connected lifestyles of people everywhere continue to evolve, TP-Link aims to remain at the helm of competitive innovation and provide highly practical tech solutions to the technological world.

Get more out of your WiFi today

Extend the reach of your WiFi signal in your home or office with the Universal Wifi Range Extender. Great for those hard-to-reach areas that your WiFi just can’t find, this wall plug extender is perfect for staying connected in your entire home and office. No more ‘dead zones’ and interruptions - you can stay connected anywhere in your abode.

Stay powered up for longer - wherever you are

The TL-PB10400 Power Bank lets you stay switched on for longer on the road and at home alike. Charge your smartphones, tablets and more. Great for extra power in your 9 to 5 and on holiday, this powerbank is an absolute tech essential and can be yours now for a fraction of the price at Catch! Check out a wide range of electronics, tech gear and more 100% online and all under one roof.

Why wait?

At Catch, you can stock up on your favourite tech gear, stay connected and still have cash left over. You can stop overpaying for your essentials and check out your favourite big brands for less, right here at Catch!