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Spalding: The Official NBA basketball is here

Spalding is probably the most recognisable name in basketball today, boasting a competitive range of high quality basketball gear from balls to accessories, training aids and more. Whether you’re a bonafide dunker or looking to get onto the court for the first time, you’ll need the proper ball to do it right. Spalding basketballs are so good, they’re the official basketball of the NBA. If you want that professional quality without the massive price, check out some Spalding basketballs today at Catch!

The perfect ball for indoors and outdoors alike

The Spalding NBA Logoman Basketball features Soft Grip Technology that lets you conquer your dribbles with precision and throw those 3-pointers with ease. With superb control and great feel, this ball is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, so you can bring it to the park to shoot some hoops and fly through the gymnasium floor alike.

Bring the game to your own home!

The Spalding NBA Mini Backboard is the perfect gift for every basketball fan! Coming with a set of NBA player stickers, a small backboard and hoop plus a small sized ball, you can transform any room while showing off your team colours! Just attach the backboard to any wall or door and presto - you’ve got yourself a dunk station at your disposal. Perfect for the home and office alike, this mini backboard is guaranteed to give all basketball fans hours of dunking fun.

Take your game to new heights today!

Whether you’re a 3-pointer master or just keen to support your favourite team, you can grab some awesome basketball gear right here at Catch! Here you’ll find your favourite kicks, official Spalding basketballs and everything you need for that perfect game - all 100% online and under one roof!