The science of baking

Baking a cake can be a very daunting task. There are chemical reactions, precise measurements and cooking times that all need to be considered. Therefore, budding bakers must have an understanding of chemistry, a good eye for accuracy and a lot of patience. Besides ingredients like eggs, milk, flour and sugar, to start baking you’re also going to need the right equipment. You’re going to need the essentials, a cake pan and a cooling rack. We suggest starting the Mondo Pro Round Cake Pan 20cm and the Mondo Rectangular Cake Cooler 45x25cm. This 1-2 combo is a great for the basics of cake making. So head over to Catch and bake up some good deals with delivery Australia wide.

Cake decorating central

After baking and resting comes decorating the cake. Arguably the most enjoyable part of baking, decorating is only bound by your imagination and the tools you have. Some of the most impressive cakes utilise a lot of icing art. They make their cakes pop with texture and flair by piping intricate designs onto them. Without a piping bag and an appropriate nozzle it’s very hard to pipe cream or frosting professionally. Luckily, Mondo has you covered. They have piping bags and a grand array of nozzles that vary in size and style. For the ultimate artistic touch try the Mondo Airbrush System. Make the cake your canvas and food colour your paint as you spray your way to decoration bliss. Another huge bonus of the Airbrush System is how easy to assemble and clean it is. The creative possibilities are endless. Make sure to get your cake decorating equipment at an affordable price, be sure to shop at Catch. We’ve got Mondo on sale!

Mondo do more than baking

We’ve harped on about cake baking and decorating but Mondo also cover other areas in the kitchen. They’ve got smaller items like tongs and measuring spoons, and a couple larger tools aimed at the active home chef. Mince your own meat for sausages, burgers or bolognese with the Mondo Hand Mincer. Get creative with different meats and 4 unique mincing sizes. It is so simple to use! Perhaps you prefer pasta? Unleash your inner Italian with the Mondo Professional Pasta Machine. Create your own homemade pasta and when you’re done its economic size means it’s easy to store away till next time. So when you're in need of something kitchen related jump online and save your hard earned cash. Snag yourself a Screamin’ Good Deal on Mondo kitchen goodies at Catch.