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    Jot it down with Moleskine Australia! Save BIG on Moleskine journals + more

    Planning out your day, jotting down things to do, or expressing your thoughts on paper has never been easier with a Moleskine diary. With the world becoming more digital by the day, many of us are letting go of the pen, and typing away on devices instead. But, there’s something about writing that makes it so much more satisfying and authentic. That might sound a little dorky to some, but it’s true! Immerse yourself in the world of Moleskine notebooks and you may just feel the same. A Moleskine notebook is quintessential for all Uni students. What classes do you have today? When is that assignment or homework task due? What about that group meeting next Tuesday at 3.00pm? For all the full time workers out there, being punctual and organised are just a couple of the keys to success!

    So if you’re looking to excel and thrive in your work environment, it might not be a bad idea having one of these beauties on hand. Keeping track of your busy schedule will become a breeze when you’re equipped with a Moleskine Journal. Not to mention, the quality, wide range of colours and designs of Moleskine notebooks are a cut above the rest. Best part is, the Moleskine notebook collection is now on SALE at Catch!

    Moleskine journals, daily planners and pens to suit all lifestyles!

    Looking for something simple, but super reliable? Then say hello to the Moleskine Soft Cover Notebook. Use it to your heart’s content - doodle, sketch, write a to-do list, jot random thoughts and important notes, keep track of upcoming events…we could go on and on. With 240 plain pages, you have complete freedom! You can always go with the Ruled Moleskine Notebook if you like keeping things nice and neat. A smaller, compact notebook is also available - the perfect size to slip into your pocket so you have your Moleskine with you at all times.

    Moleskine Diaries feature some useful tools such as time zones, international measurements, dialing codes and flight durations - a bit of extra knowledge is always good. In keeping with the evolution of the digital age, Moleskine has introduced a range of products which can be synced with Creative Cloud. In fact, the Moleskine Smart Notebook allows its user to instantly transform hand-drawn sketches into digital files – your handy dandy notebook doesn’t get much more tech savvy than that! Moleskine also produce a number of limited edition notebook collections inspired by famous bands, characters, films and television series’, including Pokemon, Transformers, Star Wars, The Beatles, and Game of Thrones. These are all available at Catch and on sale! Now’s your chance to start your day, month or year off right with a Moleskine book!

    Moleskine: The world's most popular notebook

    Founded in 1997, Moleskine is a popular Italian stationery brand encompassing a range of notebooks, diaries, journals, bags, writing instruments and reading accessories. Favoured by writers, illustrators, thinkers and makers around the world, Moleskine is synonymous with travel, culture and imagination, as well as stylish and practical design. The Moleskine legacy first began with the little black Moleskine notebook; a small, rectangular design featuring rounded corners, elastic closure and an internal expandable pocket.

    Today, each Moleskine notebook bears the same iconic features, however the range has since expanded to include journals, diaries, travel wallets, pens, bags and tech accessories. Moleskine planners come in a variety of designs to suit your lifestyle, including daily planners, weekly planners and monthly planners, while Moleskine diaries and journals come in a range of colours and sizes, from pocket friendly to extra-large. Additionally, all Moleskine paper products are made with acid-free paper, which is environmentally friendly, won’t react with your pens, and won’t discolour over time. Moleskine notebooks are now distributed in almost 100 countries, across over 20,000 stores, and these figures are only growing. If you want a spectacular and practical Moleskine product delivered straight to your door, shop right here at Catch. Our great range of legendary Moleskine reading and writing accessories will get your creative juices flowing in no time!