What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game about placing and collecting blocks, crafting new weapons and items, and exploring an infinitely-generated world. When you first start a game you’ll have nothing, so be sure to punch down a tree to get yourself started. Remember that nearly every block can be broken down and turned into something new, so craft your wood blocks into planks, turn those planks into sticks and those sticks into wooden tools. Don’t stop there, use these tools to collect other resources to upgrade yourself. Wood, stone, iron and then DIAMOND! Make sure to build an epic base to protect yourself, for when the sun sets, the monsters come out to play. If you’re after cool minecraft gears to show off outside the game, Catch is here for you. We stock a range of cool Minecraft goodies for all. Monster plushies, foam swords and pickaxes, and clothes. Shop online and snag yourself Screamin’ Good Deals today!

Secure your bedroom with Minecraft Plushies

Bedtimes can be a scary, especially in the world of minecraft with skeletons and zombies to worry about. Lucky for us we don’t have to deal with these outside of the game. But that’s not to say you couldn’t use some help every now and then. To brave the night when your not in-game, cuddle up with some cute Minecraft plushies. Even the Enderman and Creeper become a lot less frightening when they’re filled with fluff. Our favourite is the Minecraft 7" Baby Pig Plush - it’s sooooo cute. Begin shopping for Minecraft Plushies at Catch to start assembling your collection now!

Get Minecraft unblocked at school

Despite what your teachers may say, Minecraft is very educational! Through Minecraft we can develop a variety of skills including problem solving, creativity, mathematics, reading and writing. If you play with friends on a server you can even add teamwork to that list. Some schools around the globe have already introduced Minecraft into their classes as a tool for city planning and for art classes. Perhaps you might be the person to get Minecraft unblocked on the school computers by writing to your principal about its benefits! Remember, this isn’t a free pass to sneakily play minecraft at the back of the class, but an invitation to start a conversation with the powers in charge on all the benefits Minecraft could bring to your school. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be able to create a city with your friends as a school project!

Armor yourself with Minecraft clothing

In Minecraft you can armor your character with helmets, chestplates, leggings and boots made from various materials you collect throughout your adventures. Long gone are the medieval days where we had to wear heavy suits of armor, nowadays, we wear simple tees and hoodies. For the true Minecraft fan, strike a pose in a 100% cotton Black Minecraft Sprite Hoodie - sure to display your love for the game. Strut your stuff in the officially licensed Minecraft Creeper Slipper Socks. Buy all your Minecraft clothes 100% online at Catch. Shop whenever it suits you and know you’ll have your goods delivered straight to your door!