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Libra Australia has been in conversation with women about comfort and protection for that time of the month. Designed by women for women, Libra offers products including pads, tampons and liners. It’s made locally in Victoria Australia for every aussie woman. Check out Libra applicator tampons right here at the home of screamin’ good deals - Welcome to Catch!

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These women’s hygiene products are designed in a compact and discreet manner. Libra tampons are wrapped individually and are easy to use - ideal for storing in your go-to daytime bag. These tampons consist of an outer and inner tube that make it better for more comfortable use. Their main material used is chlorine-free bleached rayon.

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Made for everyday use, Libra products are designed to provide the ultimate comfort and protection to customers of all ages. This absorbent product is made to let you feel dry and comfortable throughout the day. All you need to do is simply fit these liners on your underwear and stay worry-free.

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