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    Leggo’s sauces are made for next-level flavour

    Create delicious, rich and irresistible pasta every time with Leggo's. At Leggo's, they know great pasta. And they have been creating a variety of pasta sauces and pastes for everyday Australian families. With rich, great tasting sauces that add a punch of flavour to any pasta dish, Leggo's will leave nothing but a smile on your face! Enrich your soups, stews, roasts, stir-fries & more with the Leggo's range of tomato paste to give that concentrated flavour you need. Find all your favourite pantry staples for much, much less - right here at Catch. Skip the trip to the supermarket this week and shop from the comfort of your own couch - it’s super easy with Catch’s huge range of pantry products and kitchen staples.

    Leggo’s Pizza Sauce: make some homemade ‘za the easy way!

    Legg’s Pizza Sauce is perfect for at-home pizza nights! No need to spend ages making your own sauce for your pizza bases - just grab a bottle of this delicious sauce and simply spread. No matter what your favourite toppings are, Leggo’s Pizza Sauce is an absolute hit that gives you that perfectly balanced pizza sauce you’re after. Make pizza night an absolute breeze with Leggo’s! Find it for less, right here at Catch.