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    Kinnerton offers some of the most delicious chocolates money can buy. Not just super tasty, these choccies are made to fit healthier lifestyles. Kinnerton Just Chocolate is made without egg, dairy, nuts or gluten - a deliciously smooth and velvety dark chocolate creation that’s absolutely sure to tantalise your sweet tooth. Kinnerton Dark & Smooth Chocolate Mints are the ideal after-dinner treat to satisfy your sweet tooth - and these beauties are made with much less of the harmful stuff. Vegans rejoice - your chocolate dreams don’t have to go on hold! Grab some Kinnerton chocolates online now and save big bucks, right here at Catch!

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    It’s never been easier to stock up on all your favourite chocolate treats. At Catch, we’ve got a variety of vegan chocolate (and the regular stuff, too) at prices you won’t believe. Fill up your pantry with these sweet tooth saviours and never run out again!