JoJo Siwa

What exactly are Jojo Bows?

Jojo Bows are the hottest new trend amongst young girls right now. Popularised and named after Jojo Siwa, star of the incredibly popular reality TV show ‘Dance Moms’. Jojo’s bows became famous after she was seen continuously wearing them on TV and on her youtube channel ‘Its Jojo Siwa’. Jojo’s grown to amass over 2.5 million followers on youtube where she posts daily vlogs following her adventures as a teen star, all while never taking off that iconic bow!

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Its Jojo Siwa: Youtube star and Nickelodeon Kids Award Winner

Jojo Siwa may have began her career on Dance Moms but her career has blown up through her Youtube channel ‘Its Jojo Siwa’. Jojo the girl with the bow bow has released multiple massively successful singles such as ‘Boomerang’ which tackles online bullying and ‘Every Girls A Super Girl’. Jojo Siwa is definitely on the rise and her Jojo Bows are selling out fast so get yours before it’s too late, here at the home of screamin’ good deals, Catch!