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Jarvis Walker Australia - Buy the best fishing gear online

Established in 1946, Jarvis Walker is an Australian company named after its founder Jim Walker. In only a couple decades, the company made a name for itself and grew to be a true Australian icon. The company provides a range of products like fishing rods, reels, lines, lures, and other accessories to complete your fishing trip. Not only does Jarvis Walker made high quality products, they’re affordable to the common man.

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Known for fishing reels and rods, Jarvis Walker is one of the oldest family owned fishing companies in Australia. The company provides quality fishing products to its customers. Choose from a wide range of these premium products on Australia’s favourite shopping destination - Catch!

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Get the best fishing tackle box on Australia’s favourite shopping destination! Order a new tackle box, reels, rods, and lines from the best and largest Australian fishing tackle distributor.