Ipanema: The original Brazilian flip flop

This iconic flip flop is inspired by one of the most glamorous neighbourhoods in the world. Ipanema today still rings with the bossa nova flair of the 1960s and is home to arguably some of the most beautiful scenery and people in the world. Ipanema footwear reflects this fiery place with vivid colours and beachy style unique to Brazilian culture. Ipanema sandals and flip flops are designed to be the focal point of your summer beach outfit. With strong environmental and ethical influence, an Ipanema purchase contributes to social and environmental causes. Here at Catch, we’ve compiled a whole great mess of discounted Ipanema footwear with so many vivid colours and designs to choose from. Grab a pair today and up your beach game this season!

The universal language of the flip flop

In Australia, they’re called ‘thongs’. The Spanish have coined them as ‘ojotas’ and the Brazilians call them ‘chinelos’. Whatever you call them, flip flops are an absolute wardrobe must-have for those warm summer months and lazy beach days. This classic footwear item pairs great with swimwear, beachwear and even sundresses and shorts.

Don’t skimp on quality!

The trouble is, many of us buy these essentials on a whim from newsstands and two-dollar shops, which means they will break sooner than later. Don’t let your holiday or beach weekend be ruined by sub-par flip flops! Not to worry - with Ipanema you can make the most of your beach days and avoid the dreaded irreparable broken flip flop. These flip flops are the durable option and are designed to lessen the impact in your step with designs moulded to fit any contour of the heel. Check out our range of affordable yet durable flip flops from Ipanema and safeguard your beach holiday fun!

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