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Moisture in the wrong places at home isn’t good news. Stay away from mould and mildew with Hippo Moisture Absorber. Buy this amazing product at Catch - home to all the big brands. Designed to last two months, Hippo Moisture Absorber is perfect for cupboards and small spaces. It helps soak up moisture to prevent mould and mildew. This fantastic product freshens up small spaces by drying the dampness in the area. Absolutely spill-proof, this amazing products can absorb up to 700mL of water.

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Say goodbye to mould and mildew! Hippo moisture absorbers help combat musty odours, keeping small spaces like cupboards, wardrobes and shelves smelling fresher for longer. Browse through a wide range of products that help you keep your home fresh and mould free. Make sure you check out our range of cleaning products for home and office spaces. Select your favourites and add to your cart today. Welcome to Catch!