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Hape: Playtime for little geniuses

Hape offers a wide range of highly engaging learning toys for kids of all ages. These toys come in a massive variety of styles, colours and functions - all crafted to give your littles ones the means to learn while they play. From sorting toys to dollhouse furniture, sports sets and puzzles galore, Hape learning toys for kids are an awesome way to develop your young ones’ motor skills and cognitive abilities - all the while having fun! Check out a range of Hape developmental toys for toddlers and kids on sale at Catch!

Put your little ones’ skills to the test!

The Hape Listen To Clues Game is a great way to engage your kids in some fun learning and memory development. Perfect for 2 players at a time, this game tests your problem-solving and communication skills with quirky colours and characters in a way that’s easy for young minds to understand.

Active fun for ages 3 and up

The Hape Rainbow Bowl Game is a fun physical game for the whole family. This 5-pin bowling set is designed to help little ones develop their creative and problem-solving skills, all the while practising their hand-eye coordination and motor skills! You can grab this fun bowling game today at Catch, for a fraction of the regular price.

Let the games begin!

Here at Catch, you can make playtime that much more amazing. Check out Hape educational toys for kids and let your little ones benefit from playtime in ways you can’t even imagine. Welcome to new ways to learn and awesome family fun - right here at Catch!