Glad Wrap - Keeping your food fresher for longer with Catch for less!

Glad Wrap has been a helping hand in the kitchen for years. Keeping food fresh for the next day or even taking it to work or school, you can’t live without it in your kitchen. Another food wrap product by Glad that is a must in the house is Glad Foil. Keeping your food fresh and preventing cake and roasts from burning, Glad Foil is made from aluminium and is designed to be used for covering, grilling and barbequing food when you need it most. Wrap your leftovers in foil for quick oven reheating the next day. We’ve got awesome deals on all Glad products that you’d hate to miss out on. Shop today & SAVE!

Cling Wrap | The perfect way to keep your leftover dinner in the fridge for lunch!

There’s nothing worse than cooking and having a dirty stove top afterwards. Glad Stove Guards are designed for Electric Stoves and catches all the spills you hate to clean. After you’re done cooking and eating your meal don’t forget to use cling wrap to store your food away in the fridge for a longer fresher meal the next day. Glad have made life even more easier with their leak proof base Glad Wavetop Tie Small Tidy Bags. If you’re going to throw away waste, you need to be doing it properly and there’s nothing worse than when you go to take out the rubbish and you find the bag has leaked unwanted liquid across the floor or even in the bin. With Glad leakage is no more thanks to their advance technology behind their plastic rubbish bags. Shop with us today at Catch and enjoy the awesome everyday savings!