Finish: The world's number 1 brand in dishwashing products

Finish is the world’s number one recommended brand when it comes to automatic dishwashing products. Synonymous with sparkly clean dishes, Finish dishwashing powder has been dominating the Australian dishwashing market since 1964. Favoured by some of the best-known dishwasher brands including Bosch, Samsung, Westinghouse and Fisher & Paykel, Finish is dedicated to making dishwashing quick, easy and stress-free, every day.

Save energy, time and money with Finish

When compared with handwashing, automatic dishwashing is by far a more hygienic method of cleaning your dishes. And believe it or not, automatic dishwashers actually use up to seven times less water than old-fashioned handwashing in the kitchen sink! Here at Catch, we stock a great range of cheap Finish dishwashing products to help you achieve the cleanest possible dishes for less. Ditch the overpriced supermarkets and stock up on bulk-buy Finish dishwashing tablets, gels, powders, rinse aids and more. For those delicate dishes that do require handwashing, we've got cheap Finish dishwashing liquid on sale as well!

Shop cheap Finish dishwashing tablets, powders and more

Along with the classic Finish dishwashing powder that shot the brand to fame all those years ago, you’ll be pleased to hear the range has since expanded quite significantly. Pick up a variety of Finish dishwashing tablets, including Finish Powerball, Finish Quantum, Finish Powerball Quantum Max and Finish Powerball Supercharged. The Finish Powerball range is well-loved for its famous supercharged red Powerball, which helps to cut through grease and remove even the toughest baked-on stains.

The ultimate secret to stain-free dishes every time

You can also stock up on a range of premium Finish dishwasher enhancers, because remember: a dirty dishwasher equals dirty dishes! Shop cheap Finish Rinse Aid, Finish Rinse Aid Shine & Protect, and Finish Dishwasher Cleaner, available in a range of fresh scents including Original, Lemon Sparkle and Apple & Lime Blast. Many an Aussie household’s secret to stain-free, sparkling dishes every time, Finish has been making kitchen clean-up a breeze for over 60 years. You can trust Finish to deliver excellent results, and stock up on the goods for less here on Catch Of The Day.