Diesel jeans, t-shirts, hoodies + so much more!

Clothing should be comfortable, stylish, durable and functional. All of those characteristics - Diesel encompasses in its products. From staple pieces to standout pieces, Diesel never fails to disappoint. Whether it’s a casual lunch with some mates, a semi-formal party, or a fancy dinner date at a Michelin Star restaurant, Diesel has got you sorted. This iconic brand has created an extensive range of garments and accessories, but not specific to one style - heavy branding can be seen in some of their t-shirts, jackets and hoodies, while minimalistic, simple designs on others.

The Diesel jeans men’s and Diesel jeans women’s range are 100% worth checking out! Not only will you be getting your hands on high-quality denim, but you’ll also be saving some serious bucks in the process. The golden opportunity to stock up on some Diesel clothing has arrived - browse the Diesel jeans SALE and have your goods delivered straight to your door!

Deck out your wardrobe with Diesel!

Let’s take you through just some of the awesome Diesel clothing up for grabs at Catch - from head to toe. The Diesel Twill Hat is a lightweight, breathable cap constructed from 60% polyester and 40% nylon. The black Diesel logo and artwork on the all-black cap - black on black is the most subtle way to pull off and show off this Italian icon of a brand. We all know someone who wears black and only black, but what about those who are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum? Diesel caters for colour-lovers too. The Diesel Down-ED 41 U down jacket features some vibrant colour-blocking - this orange, red, green and blue piece of art is bound to brighten up anyone’s day while keeping you warm during the winter season.

When it comes to Diesel jeans and denim shorts, there’s so much choice! You can go for a tapered, slim fit, skinny fit, standard fit or relaxed fit. Within those categories, there’s even more choice - distressed, acid wash, dark denim, light denim, stretch material… we could go for hours. Diesel is also a step ahead in the footwear game, crafting some sleek high top trainers, such as the Cotton Exposure 1s and the Leather Diamonds. And last but not least, a Diesel timepiece to top things off. Tell the time in style with the 43mm Double Down Silicone Watch or the 45mm Fastbak Leather Watch, both protected by our 12-month warranty! You can have any of these + so many more Diesel goods, delivered straight to your door. Save big on Diesel at the home of Scream’ Good Deals today!

Diesel: Integrity in design since day one

Diesel has been a force to be reckoned with ever since they entered the fashion industry in 1978. From its humble beginnings in the town of Molvena, Italy, the brand has built its reputation on the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into creating each and every pair of denim jeans. Diesel’s founder, Renzo Rosso had a vision from the young age of 15 - and that vision started with him using his mother’s sewing machine to produce bell-bottomed jeans. His entrepreneurial spirit was already showing at this age, as he began selling his homemade jeans to people in his town.

Little did Rosso know, 8 years later he would be marketing jeans across the globe, under the brand name, Diesel. Today, Rosso is known as the ‘Jeans Genius’ - a name he has earned over his many years of hard work and dedication. Take this opportunity to browse through the selection of Diesel clothing and accessories in stock today! Enjoy the savings, right here at Catch.