Citizen: a history of innovation

Over 80 years of creativity and competitive innovation has established Citizen as a hallmark of quality craftsmanship that’s as timeless as it is technologically adept. Since 1918, Citizen has strived to lead with a global mindset that embodies creativity and quality over the norm. Cultivating positive change through exceptional design, Citizen continues to innovate what the modern watch should be. With incredible water-depth resistance, radio-control features and a light energy powered Eco-Drive, Citizen watches are a cut above the rest in technological prowess, whilst speaking of a simpler time with subtle style that remains a classic.

Designs for versatile looks

With stainless steel frames and Japanese quartz functionality, Citizen watches are quality products built with the totality of the timepiece in mind. Whether you’re after a subtle chrome frame with high-tech functionality or a simple dazzler to accompany your evening wear, Citizen’s wide range of men’s and women’s watches are made to fit a variety of lifestyles. The women’s yellow plated Dress Watch with Swarovski crystals is the perfect choice to highlight your classy look this weekend. No matter the style, Citizen watches are made for those who seek an edge of class in the everyday and strive to show it through subtle, clean-cut style that stands the test of time. At Catch, you can find your favourite watch from Citizen and more. With a wide variety and great prices, you can stop overpaying for your wardrobe essentials today.

Practical innovation

With a hectic lifestyle, it’s imperative to have the means to navigate your changing environments with absolute precision and accountability. Citizen boasts a line of satellite-timed watches that provide unrivaled reliability and precision for jetsetters and businessmen. Citizen’s Eco-Drive watches harness and store light energy to give you the most environmentally adapted and technologically superior machine that fits perfectly on your wrist. For those looking for something more out of your everyday watch, Citizen is the ultimate choice.

Let your timepiece speak volumes

Super-charging your timekeeping and introducing high-tech precision into your life is easy with Citizen. Shop discounted Citizen watches online today, right here at Catch!