Brink & Campman

Modern rugs are on sale at Catch!

Looking to add some style to your dream home? Grab yourself a Brink & Campman rug and give any room a new look with a multi coloured modern rug. The Brink & Campman Nova Rugs are made with high quality wool, a hand tufted construction and they’re fire resistant. Brink & Campman rugs are eco friendly and create a cozy warm environment for your home. Not only is the Nova rug eco friendly but it’s durable, sustainable and is naturally non-allergenic. Add some spice to your living room, bedroom or office and grab a bargain on your next Brink & Campman rug!

Brink & Campman multi-coloured rug sale!

Brink & Campman rugs are the perfect addition to any new or current home. Visually see the difference one of these beautiful modern rugs can make to your home, you’ll feel like you just renovated! Brink & Campman rugs are always hand knotted when constructed and are durable, fire resistant and anti-mould. Next time you have the family over feel proud showcasing your living space with an elegant rug by Brink & Campman. They don’t need to know you got a better price then they did, we’ll keep that between us. Always get a Screamin’ Good Deal from!