Boogie Board

Boogie Board: Redefining writing for all ages

Boogie Board is the newest innovation in the art of writing and drawing. Creating innovative tablets and electronic sketch pads for a variety of purposes and ages, Boogie Board gives kids the tools to explore their artistic side and professionals a unique way to note down what’s important when they need it most. Check out Boogie Board ewriters and all your favourite big brands in tech, right here at Catch! With massive variety and great prices, you can pile up your cart today without busting the bank.

The new face of playtime

The Boogie Board Play & Trace Kids’ ewriter is a unique way to get our little ones to flex their creative muscles and take their eyes off the screens for a while. This interactive tracing LCD ewriter lets kids trace images on a translucent drawing surface and get creative, all the while developing their motor skills and cognitive abilities in a way that’s as engaging as it is kid-friendly. Suitable for ages 3 years and up, this ewriter is just the ticket to mix up playtime this season. Check out this ewriter today, right here at Catch!

Organize your day - the fun way!

The Boogie Board Jot LCD ewriter bundle makes a great gift for tech geeks, busy parents and everyone in between. This practical ewriter set is compatible with IOS and Android, containing an ewriter, stylus pen, folio case and a bonus executive stylus. This electronic pad is perfect for taking notes, leaving messages, making lists, doodling and so much more.

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