Auto Openers

The durable, longer lasting remote everyone needs. | Catch!

With their bigger longer lasting battery and compact yet lightweight case, you can’t go wrong owning an Auto Opener Universal remote. Perfect to use for your electric gate opener or bundle it together and double it up as your garage remote control too. All of these Auto Openers are equipped with Security+ and are small enough to keep on your keyring without the hassle. Replace your old individual remotes and narrow them all down to the one. Save time and of course save money! - Welcome to Catch!

Auto Openers universal remotes are now on SALE

Automatic gate openers can be a hassle, especially when they break. Here at Catch we’ve got the best universal remote that’s created by Auto Openers. It’s longer lasting and durable and makes the perfect garage remote control or electric gate opener. Fits perfectly on a keyring so it won’t bother you if it’s in your pocket. Save and get a great deal now when you shop with us here at Catch - Australia’s favorite online marketplace.