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5 Star Chef Low Fat Air Fryer

Enjoy Fried Foods without the Guilt! The 5 Star Chef Air Fryer is Designed to Give You Your Favourite Fried Snacks with up to 80% Less Fat. From Only $89.95

Upgrade your kitchen with a personal 5 Star Chef Air Fryer, the best friend of fried food lovers everywhere.

Advanced technology fries foods with intense air circulation, which heats, cooks and gives that perfect crisp.

Enjoy homemade french fries, crumbed chicken nuggets, schnitzel, battered fish fillets and more with up to 80% less fat.

Features non-slip feet, auto shut-off, a cooking timer and easy to clean dishwasher safe parts!

Compact in size you can use the fryer on the kitchen table and easily store it in a cupboard or on the benchtop.

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