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26 Piece Frame Pack

Decorate Your Home with Memories! Only $32 for a Selection of Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large Sized Frames. This Collection of Twenty Six Frames Gives You Many Opportunities to Display Your Favourite Photos on Your Walls and Relive Special Memories. Valued at $99.95

Display your favourite memories around your home with this set of stylish wall mounted frames.

Featuring 26 photo frames in four different sizes and made from MDF, with high transparency acrylic, these frames are perfect for housing all your precious memories, and come complete with beautifully presented face paper.

Whether your frames sit landscape, portrait, individually or as a group this collection is versatile and customizable to your tastes.

The standard frame sizes make it easy to enlarge photos to fit the frames.

Available in black or white - the perfect gift for yourself or a friend

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